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About me

Simangele Rejoice Cele is working at KwaZulu Natal Department of Agriculture, South Africa as an Agricultural Advisor. She's married and is a mother of two a son and a daughter and has a wonderful husband.

She is about to complete MSc. Rural development at the University of Zululand, KwaZulu Natal South Africa. She is also a part time lecturer for Extension in the Department of Agriculture in the same University.

Expectations in joining the community

In joining the community she expect to gain and share more knowledge in the field of agriculture(vegetables
Vegetables are a solution to poverty.They are quick to grow and nutritious!
and animal production), extension and rural development.


  • She holds BSc in Agriculture
  • Hons BSc Agriculture,
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education,
  • International Computer Drivers Licence Certificate start

Favorite links

  1. in Africa and internationally
  2. in South Africa and internationally
  3. in Southern Africa

My courses

SAAE 211 - Extension methods

Choose any one of the following Modules.
  1. Module 1 The history and philosophy of extension
  2. Module 2 Communication in extension