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About Me

My name is Sydney Mavengahama
Sydney Mavengahama and John van Breda at Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch, South Africa
and I am an agricultural scientist. Presently I am a lecturer in the Department of Agriculture at University of Zululand in South Africa. I am an avid soccer and cricket fan and occasionally play chess.

My professional interests

My research interests are in the broad discipline of sustainable agriculture encompassing integrated crop management, agronomy research in horticultural and field crops, crop protection, crop improvement and food security. I am also interested in rural development issues to do with agriculture. Presently I am researching the importance of wild/semi-domesticated vegetables in household food security. I have several publications listed on my profiles on Google scholar and Research-gate.

In joining this community I expect to contribute to the best of my ability in sharing knowledge with other community members.

The following are links to some of my personal pages and communities that I belong to;; LinkedIn; researchgate.

My educational and professional background


I hold a BSc degree in Agriculture with a specialisation in agronomy from Africa University in Zimbabwe. I also hold an M Phil in Agriculture with a specialisation in crop science from the University of Zimbabwe. Presently I am finalising my PhD thesis with Stellenbosch University in South Africa


  • I have publications in peer reviewed journals
  • I have also co-authored a high school agriculture textbook.


I am presently a lecturer of agronomy. Previously I have been an agronomy lecturer in Zimbabwe, a research agronomist and a high school educator.

Favourite Internal links

  1. A synopsis of wild vegetables in South Africa
  2. Food security in Zimbabwe

External links

  1. TsamaHub
  2. University of Zululand
  3. Stellenbosch University

Simangele Rejoice Mhlongo

My Courses Introduction to Soil Science SAAG211