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I am the director of content for One Laptop per Child. One of our goals is developing communities of children and teachers developing elearning materials for younger grades and low-literacy adults.

See also: my page at en:wp.

meeting notes

1. the AARP education group wants to know how their many, many retired educators can help.
2. afternoon discussion
3. As of 20:06, 2 August 2010 (UTC) WikiEducator is getting more traffic than english-language wikiversity!  A nice milestone.  I'd still like to see us find better ways to share generated content.  Wikiversity is now just as active in (non-English languages), and I don't know if WE is heading in that direction.  But it's a temporary bright spot.

inspiring development, via OLPC


1. technology.  how to produce content for a given platform or format?
2. pedagogy.  how old are the kids you rae writing for?  what languages do they speak? 
   what is constructionist learning and how can I implement that?
3. community.  how do you design for a given community?  WikiEducator, OLPC, FHSST - 
   how to get in touch with them, how to get content reviewed, how to get it published.


1. activity-centered descriptions.  how to brainstorm, how to create learning opportunities 
   or future classes around an event, activity, program
2. sample classes.  let teachers take a sample class, do some assignments and try some 
   projects, and experience the learning philosophy behind it
3. guidelines for creation.  for writing, visual design, accessibility.


Create a virtual link between the sites. an OLPC portal on the one hand, and a wikieducator presents on the OLPC wiki. Wayne will complete the template over the weekend. Share templates, compare notes on curriculum jams and community building. learning4content, et al.
Schedules for 3-day workshops [as with jams].
"How to Run a Jam" guide -- great material from wikieducator.