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This is the national flag of Samoa. The image source is wikimedia

Contact-new.svg Paul Meyer
Me and Samoa
Employer:National University of Samoa
Occupation:Head of Mathematics and Statistics Department, Faculty of Science
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General information

Matai Title : FAALAVAAU
Employer : National University of Samoa
Position: Head of Mathematics and Statistics Department, Faculty of Science
Contacts : email:, phone(wk): 20072 ext 111, phone (hm):21090, mobile: 7781630
Nationality: Samoan

The Islands of Samoa The image source is wikimedia


I am a 44 year old male from the village of Siusega. I am married to Samoauli Setefano. I hold the matai title of Faalavaau from the village of Siufaga in the district of Falelatai.I have a mixture of German, Cook Island and Samoan ancestry


  • I like most sports and am actively involved in cricket
  • I enjoy reading, especially suspense and detective books
  • I enjoy watching TV especially live sports and DVDs/Videos


  • Siusega is a village about 15 minutes drive from the main town of Apia
  • It does not have a set structure as most villages do in Samoa. People in this area are from all parts of Samoa and live on there own free hold land hence are not part of normal village structure.
  • It is a fast growing area and it is becoming densly populated
  • Education and Religion are essential for this settlement as it is vulnerable to rising crime due to the lack of village authority and policing.


  • Worked as a Mathematics teacher at Samoa College from 1988 to 1997. Teaching years 9 to 13. The last eight years as Head of the Mathematics Department.
  1. Manager of the First Fifteen that won the National School boys Championship from 1994 to 1996
  2. Manager of First Fifteen that toured New Zealand in 1994 ( won all games played including match against Auckland Grammer)

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