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Welcome to the community of Teacher Educators


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I am Kamal Deep Singh, a Teacher Educator in Guru Ram Dass College of Education,Delhi(a college affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi for Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)).

We are Teacher Educators working hard to provide Pre-service training to the the future teachers of the country.We often see that these student teachers are experts in their teaching subjetcs but when there comes a call from technology they find themselves at back benches. They are afraid to use technology as a teaching tool. We often find that the young generation students which they are going to teach are many times smarter than these teachers in terms of using technological gadgets.

Technological Gadgets can include:

Computer Technology

  • Application software package of MS office and internet explorer

Other hardware equipments:

  • Television
  • LCD Projector
  • Handycam
  • Digitalcam
  • and so on

Hence at stage of preparing these secondary, senior secondary school teachers and ofcourse the future researchers in the field of education, we need to devote time and resources in order to Integrate Technology with Education.So let us together as a community think of a project:Integration of Technology with Education.

Useful link:

Resources for Teachers and Teacher Educators

Computers in Education

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