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Organizational Behaviour Toolkit

Organizational Behaviour Overview

Team Charter

A team charter is an integral component in the establisment and execution of a successful project and team. The charter provides the team an opportunity to discuss and establish a common understanding of the project that they have been brought together to create. A charter outlines:

  • The purpose of the project and the team
  • The vision and mission statement for the team
  • The goals of the team (what is the scope and expectations of the project and team, as well as, what is outside the scope of the project)
  • Roles of each team member (including the team leader and anyone else who is integral to the success of the team and project)
  • Ground rules of behaviour and expectations for the team
  • Consequences for not adhering to the ground rules, as well as, rewards for team members who exceed the behaviours and expectations outlined for the team
  • A process for the team to use for decision making and for conflict resolution
  • Signatures of the team members to signify that they are in agreement with what has been established in the team charter

A sample team charter has been provided to demonstrate what a four page team charter can look like.