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  1. go to your user page
  2. Create Heading [at least 4] eg. about me, my Institution, education background, and experience
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About Me

My Early Childhood

I grew up in African modorate family, which ecoraged me to love Science and Scietific Inovations. Originating from a rural African village, we always improvised many of the toys we used to play with.

For example

  • Foot balls used to be made from banana fibre.
  • Dolls made from banana leaves
  • Bicycle toys made from wood pieces.
  • Etc....

This kind of childhood development inclined me to Do It Your Self Technology.

My Late Childhood

In school, I very much loved Science and Mathematics. When we learned Electricity, I went home, asked my father to buy for me two Dry cells and a bulb in order to make my own electricity. Which in fact, I made and I put it in my room.

Education Background


My primary education was obtained from a rural school called Kirumba P7 school, found in Rakai district (Uganda).


My Secondary education was completed from St. Henrys College Kitovu, Found in Masaka District (Uganda)


Advanced Lrvel education was obtained from St. Henrys college Kitovu. I copleted Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


At Makerere University, I was given a bachelor of science in Mathematics, Physics and Psychology.


I continued with mathematics at advance level at makerere university. And later I obtained an Advanced degee in Information Techinology(IT)from Makerere University.

My Favorite Area


The world is facing crises, which include, Energy Crisis,Climate Change, Environment Degradation, Food crisis, Polution Etc.... I belive that one way to solve some of these problems is to use Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture and goog Environment Conservation Practices.

Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is energy derived from the use of the natural heat generated by the Sun.

Biogas Fuel

BioGas fuel is the gas obtained from processing organic material.

Wind Turbine

This the energy obtained from the running air (Wind)

Environment Consevation

This is the use of evironmentally freidly practices.

Sustainable Agriculture

This the kind of Agriculture which uses Oganic Material obtained from rared animals and decomposing plants.

My Expectation From WikiEducator

Learn To Create Content

At the end of the workshop I expect to be able to create my own content in wikiEducator.

Colloborate with Others

At the end of the workshop I expect to be able to colloborate with others to get helpful imfomation on my ongoing Energy Projects.

My favorite links
This is Ddungu


Icon objectives.jpg
By the end of the lesson students shood be able to:
  1. Define Energy
  2. Decribe the different forms of energy
  3. Identify diferent areas of application of energy