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Love what you do..and do what you love...

"Invest in knowledge knowlede, invest in yourself" I always tell my learners..the same I try to practice here.Ifact my friends Ms.Darsana Joseph and Mr. Sebastain give me a lot of support.This is an excellent opportunity to connect with futuristic people.I like to keep in touch with the like minded people.


As an English teacher, my dream is to uplift my learneers to the international standards.

The curriculum mainly focus on the six cognitive skills-

Assessment is an integral part of thr learning process. Following are the methods we use to assess the progress of the learners -

1.formative assessment
2.summative assessment
Apart fromimparting curriculam, within in our limitations, we do little deeds of goodness and creativity which helps to instill -

love, imagination, personality, cofidance, moral values
communication skill, leadership, optimism
--Savita Harish 17:38, 7 October 2010 (UTC)