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    Directorate of Distance Education,
    Annamalai University, 
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Data communication is all about transmitting information from one device to another in the network. All the controls and procedures for communicating information are handled by communication protocols. At the most basic level, information is converted into signals that can be transmitted across a guided (copper or fiber-optic cable) or unguided (radio transmission) medium. At the highest level, users interact with applications. In between software that defines and controls how applications take advantage of the underlying network.

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Key points
The data communication system depends on three fundamental properties:
  1. Delivery
  2. Accuracy
  3. Timeliness

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  1. Delivery refers the system must deliver the message to the destination and it is received by the proper device or the user.
  2. Accuracy specifies that the system must deliver the message accurately and message should not be altered in transmission period.
  3. Finally timeliness specifies the system must deliver the message in a specified period of time.

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In the field of telecommunications, a communications protocol is the set of standard rules for data representation, signaling, authentication and error detection required to send information over a communications channel. A number of major protocol stacks or families exist, including the following:Open standards:

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