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Contribution to Open Educational Resources

How to Apply and Study at UPNG Open College

About Me.


I am a Papuan New Guinean and my small village is called Rakamanda in the Enga Province. It's located right inside the mountainous interior region of the country often called the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. I am currently working and residing in the capital city Port Moresby.

My contact details

Tuai Erapae
UPNG Open College
P.O.BOX 341
Papua New Guinea
Web : My Incomplete blog


I am so blessed with a nice wife and a cute little girl.Other members of my family live in Lae, Bougainville and Wabag.

My Work

I work with the University of Papua New Guinea Open College at the University's main campus located in the Capital. My primary duties are Coordinating Assessments and Examinations for students studying through the Distance Learning mode as University of Papua New Guinea is a dual mode University. Open College is in charge of students staying through Distance and Flexible Learning.


I am very much interested in the following:

  • Use of ICT in distance learning like the WikiEducator and related mediums.
  • Teaching others to use the computer to improve productivity at work and school.
  • Outdoor activities and nature.

Free Time

Whenever I have free time, I watch sports on TV and read magazine articles.

Life Philosphy

God gave us the basic needs to survie for free but humans created so many things to statisfy only wants. So long as basics are met you can happy.

Life Ambition

  1. Visit the Helenski,the Capital of Finland see during Christmas when the snowfall is highest.

Few Pictures from UPNG Open College