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Context of the Problem

  • Problem statement and rationale

Second language learners face the fear to speak in class because of inner limitations.

Rationale: The problems that EFL (English Foreign Language) students have been facing in different English classrooms oral performance, are taken most of the time as social issues, but that is not totally true. Having problems to speak in public has to be more with inner affective factors that interfere the student´s performance. This study aims to explore UAA fomento students’ personal affective causes and reactions toward oral performance in the English classroom.

  • Research questions/hypothesis (independent and dependent variables)

- Why do second language studens are afraid to speak in public? - Do second language students notice their inner limitations? - Do teachers identify students' inner limitations? - How do teachers deal with students that do not want to speak English in the classroom?

  • Scope and delimitation of the study

Students from the UAA in Fomento course level 1. 25 students

  • Theoretical framework

Method and Materials

  • Participants

25 students from the UAA Fomento course, level 1

  • Instruments

Interviews observations questionaries

  • Procedure
    • Describe independent variables
    • Describe the dependent variables: (a) What was being measured? and (b) How was data collected? (Change these questions to the future tense when developing the procedure section before research has actually been implemented: What will be measured, How will data be collected?)
  • Type of research


Results and Data Analysis

Present the findings of the investigation using graphs, tables, etc.


Discuss your results in terms of how they answer your research question(s) or hypothesis. Did your intervention work? What recommendations can you offer? How might others extend this research? Are there any limitations?


Adhere to APA.



  • Remember that your action research paper must be emailed to me as a Word document. To convert your wiki text to Word refer to this video. If you email me your finished document by Thursday (Dec. 9, 2011), I'll check your work, making comments in the Word document, and send it back to you for final revisions. --Bnleez 21:53, 8 December 2011 (UTC)
  • Begin writing your first two sections: Context of the Problem and Method sections. Avoid subheadings in your Context of the Problem section but do include subheadings in your Method section. --Bnleez 14:47, 2 October 2011 (UTC)

Note: For those taking Applied Linguistics for credit, please do the following:

  • Copy and paste the template above as a subpage to your user page.
  • Adhere to the following approximate word count per section...
    • Context of the problem should be 800 words
    • Method and Materials should be 500 words
    • Results and Data Analysis should be 500 words
    • Discussion should be 1,000 words that includes a 250-word conclusion.