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Write a paragraph about the problem that you wish to focus on for your action research plan.

Some adult advanced students face bad fluency problems when they speak. In order to identify bad fluency there are various representations of it. First of all, pauses when speaking is a signal for bad fluency, students make unnecessary pauses when speaking sometimes due to they first think in the mother tongue and then they translate the idea. Secondly cluttering is another kind of bad fluency, when students speak so fast without rhythm and split words so it is too difficult to understand. Finally the third one is stuttering when speaking is disrupted by involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, syllables, words or phrases, and involuntary silent pauses or blocks in which the stutterer is unable to produce sounds. Students that have this three problems have different have different reasons to produce this involuntary difficulties.

Please complete your three-paragraph essay so that I can provide feedback. Remember that you need two citations in the body paragraph.

3 paragraph essay

English learners genarally spell check face "are faced...with the problem that they feel afraid of speaking English. Speaking infront "in front" of the people or the class is frustrating for the students. The fear of speaking in public a foreign language, in this case English, is due to different reasons. First of all, students are afraid to make errors, Watch your spacing between one space required. to speak incorrectly. Second missing comma one students feel crowd panic, some students are not able to speak even in their native language. And finally, low self-confidence is the cause why students feel they do not know to speak in English, They know the language but they feel they are not able to produce it becuase they need more confidence. Why do students do not want to produce the language? You are missing a clear thesis statement. What is the main idea of your essay?

The reasons for being afraid to speak are linked with confidence and social issues Use these two words as the subjects of your topic sentence.. "Numerous individuals hesitate to attempt and speak in a foreign language. This may be since they don’t want to feel foolish, are worried about how they will sound, are scared of sounding silly and so on. As a result they remain resolutely monolingual in the course of any trip abroad, preferring to speak loudly in English." (James, 2011) Too many direct quotes. You should never have more the 15% of your writing as a direct quote. And the majority of your writing should be an original thought.. So the main problem is about confidence, students need to be self-confident environment in order to have a production of English language. In order to improve speaking we should reinforce 3 Spell numbers 1-9: one, two, three, etc. mein points: self confidence, pronunciation, vocabulary (Doey, 2010). Self-confidence is the base to start speaking, have a "try" and the vocabulary and pronunciation will help student to improve speaking. You need more original thought in this paragraph.

Being afraid to speak is a barrier to practice a new language. Students will speak if the yare self-confident, they feel they can speak with out being judged by their classmates. Also students need to be prepare to speak, the more language knowledge the more scure student will feel to speak. To sum up the correct environment and self confidence can make the change between a student that speak and the one that does not speak.


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