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Employer:Deen Dayal upadhyay College, University of Delhi
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg
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English (hons) is associated with a common myth , that it helps you to learn "English” , or to simplify , you learn how to speak English ‘fluently’ , how to write , how to read and etc etc & some times it is really glamorized , that it is a very easy course and only girls who are from rich household should do this course .

(SIGH!!) .. Sadly if you want to do English (hons) you should have already learnt English , that is you should already be fluent in English , you should already to know how to read and write & NO it is not an easy course .. you have to finish more than 60 texts in the span of 3 years and apart from the texts you have to read loads of other reading material . In short if you are doing English (hons) you don’t have time for any other part time course , and if you are planning to do that , trust us … you are in BIG TIME TROUBLE !!! .

Now what exactly is English(hons) really about then ???

Well to start of the course changes your perception towards society altogether . You now don’t stand in the crowd , instead you have a whole new different approach towards a particular thing or problem . You start analyzing different situations , start thinking about the good and the bad of a particular action /event and then decide your opinion about it .

For 3 years you are taught the same thing , broadening your horizons and then giving your opinion . For example , you have a text , now what do u about it ?? In this course you are taught on how to analyze a particular text in the present times and also in the time when it was written and then to compare and contrast the times . Also you are taught to analyze a particular character’s ( of the text ) behavior , his actions , of why he committed an action . To put it in a nutshell , you analyze the whole text INSIDE OUT .

THE Department :

  • Dr.Anubha Mukherjee Sen (HOD)
  • Dr.Pramesh Ratnakar
  • Dr.Jayani Adhyapak
  • M.s Jyotsana
  • M.s Garima

Icon objectives.jpg
  1. Every student should be able to have his / her opinions without any problem
  2. Every student should believe in equality of all sorts . (No bias on bace of caste , color or sex)
  3. Every student should always be ready to learn from others and always ready to impart knowledge to others
  4. To have the best result in the entire university


classes started and on friday 17 oct there will be a seminar by seniors fo I and III yrs.


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