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Contact-new.svg Sahr F. Gborie
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Country:Sierra Leone


  • Name: Sahr F. Gborie
  • Organisation: Sierra eRiders Sierra Leone
  • Address: 32 Victoria Street, Freetown Sierra Leone
  • Mobile:+232-30205740 or +232-33322410 or +232-77534792
  • Office Tel: +232-50502527

Professional Background

Professional Qualifications

Brief Description: ICT consultant and Project Coordinator of a Sierra Leone based Non-Governmental Organisation promoting the use of Information Communication Technology.

Brief Description about My Organisation: Sierra eRiders is a Sierra Leone based non-profit organization that provides technology support, and helps others initiate technology support programs within the development community of Sierra Leone. We believe that information and communication technologies (ICTs) offer new opportunities that can help development organizations do what they do better and more efficiently. Our objective is of the Community Radios, and a community of non-profit organizations within Sierra Leone that have access to the technology and know-how, necessary to better accomplish their goals. This project is an initiative of the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) as part of the Global eRiding Network.

eRiding Solutions Sierra eRiders utilizes the eRiding model of non-profit technology consulting to help Civil Societies Organizations (and organizational networks) access the opportunities offered by ICTs. An eRider is a multi-disciplined technology consultant working on-the-ground with a community or sector of non-profit organizations. eRiders provide custom services that help these organizations effectively integrate ICTs into their strategy, and empower them to better achieve their missions. These consultants usually operate on a repeated “circuit” within their working region (1 day to 1 week visits with each client), so follow-up and evaluation is built into this dynamic model. Internationally, this eRiding model has been adopted as an ideal way to provide affordable, on-the-ground technology support to non-profit organizations. With representation in over 20 countries, the eRiding network has become one of the largest global resources of technology consulting for non-profits (read more at Sierra eRiders is now pioneering this concept in Sierra Leone.

eRiding Model for Africa

eRiding Processes

NGO Needs Assessment Working in tandem, the NGO staff and eRider develop and complete a customized needs assessment of the NGOs goals, resources and activities. Conclusions drawn from the assessment become the foundation for the development of the organization's technology strategy. The eRider needs assessment is a thorough and collaborative effort, distinguishing it from the standardized questionnaires that other consultants may use.

Strategy Development The eRider works with the NGO staff to design a technology strategy specific to the NGO's needs. The strategy will consider the NGO's primary aims, the results of the needs assessment and the larger context of the organization's working environment, among other factors. A strategy may include the use of wireless technology, SMS, fax and video in addition to more traditional ICTs such as e-mail and the Internet. A complete implementation plan and timeline are included in the strategy Training staff and volunteer training often happens in parallel with strategy development and provides a tangible benefit to the organization while it goes through the planning process (which has benefits less visible to the NGO). This initial training often encompasses current technologies, and is not limited to new technologies that might be part of the planning process.

Implementation During implementation the NGO management, staff and the eRider work together. The first phase of their work may be to acquire the necessary tools and/or resources. If so, this work may include proposal writing for technology equipment and upgrades, purchasing and installing hardware and installing software. Quite often this period involves an intensive round of training to get staff skills up to a competent level. The eRiders activities and level of involvement will vary depending upon the needs of the organization, as will the frequency of visits and the duration of the relationship between the eRider and the organization. In some cases, the eRider may provide highly technical assistance for an organization every six months for several years, while in other cases the eRider may guide an organization, step-by-step, through an entire project.

Evaluation During the strategy development phase, the NGO staff and eRider decide upon criteria for evaluating both the eRider program and the NGOs progress. The evaluation measures outputs, outcomes and impacts and may employ both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Positive Side Effects: ICTs have been an attractive force for NGOs hoping to attract volunteers. One of Astana's NGOs was having a particularly difficult time recruiting volunteers. The eRider organized a meeting and made a presentation to prospective volunteers. He stressed the opportunity for the volunteers to develop ICT skills while working with the NGO. One individual expressed interest in developing database skills and currently works on a project with the eRider. Since the meeting, two more volunteers have joined the organization and have initiated projects under the eRiders supervision.

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