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Employer:ROOTS FM
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About Me

My name is Rosamond Brown, and I'm excited about what Community Media has acheived in the Caribbean and the prospects for the future. My work in media covers the last 25 years in various capacities.My core area is broadcasting, both as a producer and presenter where I have most experience, working at Radio Jamaica Ltd for 17 years. Over the last eleven years however,my scope has expanded to include: recruitment and training of broadcasters, creating formats and station policies. In 2001, I was head of a team that launched commercial radio station KOOL 97 FM ( In 2004, I joined the team at Mustard Seed Communities as Manager of community radio station ROOTS FM (

ROOTS FM, Jamaica

ROOTS FM broadcasts to a population of approximately 1.2million people living in Kingston and St. Andrew (the nation capital) and St. Catherine. Our station is listened to primarily by residents of inner city communities whose main social concerns include: youth crime, unemployment, low educational levels and limited access to basic social services. Our programming is very interactive and are built around issues identified by the community.

I am particularly interested in the role of community media in supporting democracy and as a platform for participatory public/community education campaigns that lead to positive change. In this area I look forward to partnering with others in this community who share these interests.

So far my journey in community media has taken me to interesting places and experiences. My work with mervin Jarman (The Container Project - Jamaica) lead to the Caribbean Internet Radio Portal Project(, which is still expanding. Other projects include the development of a face-to-face Volunteer/ Interns training programme for community broadcasters;co-development of the community media on-line distance teaching programme currently offered by the University of the West Indies, as well as voice and speech workshops in coporate agencies and community media outlets.My sandbox