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My profile

Hi everyone, my name is David Naranjo also known as Richie Lukather. I am 25 years old and I am studing a major in English Language Teaching. I really enjoy being in this subject Academic Writing and learning a lot about technology and everything what is related to the English language.

Professional background

To tell you the truth I do not have too much experience teaching, although I am currently working as a teacher in a school called KIOSK, and some other private classes I have right now. The only experience I have is the one gotten from the practical subjects we have had in the B.A. such as "Microteaching, practica grupal, ayudantia and practicas profesionales".


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My interests

I like playing the guitar, listening to good music and reading good literature or fine books. I enjoy watching movies, that is like my hobbie. I am also interested in practicing a sport, mainly basket ball.

Action Plan

Write a paragraph about the problem that you wish to focus on for your action research plan.

Teaching effective writing Can you be more specific? has become a problem in different levels among L2 students Pick a level and type of English group: ESP, general English, adults, children, etc. Once you change your topic sentence, recheck the rest of your paragraph. due to various factors.Sometimes writing is not developed as it should, maybe because of lack of time, lack of technology, different background of the students, the type of activities carried out for this skill. In many English courses this skill is left at the as the last skill to work with. In other cases, when students are no familiarized with technology specially the use of platforms where this skill is supposed to be practiced they just leave it due to the lack knowledge to practice on those platforms. We also find that for students this skill is not the preferred one, so basically they skip it. Finally, what it seems to be the core of the problem is the type of activities carried out for this skill.

3 paragraph essay

Nowadays learners of a foreign language can get the proficiency in the language studied through the use of technology. Many of the human beings’ activities Awkward. have to do with technology, because of the inventions that make life easier. The field of education is not the exception. The today’s learner tries to make use of the technological devices available everywhere. For example, apprentices Who do you mean by "apprentices"? use the internet for research, authentic materials, iPods, projectors, Mp3 players, movies You are missing a serial comma here. and recordings as well as other resources to learn. Learners bring these devices to the classroom, so these affect their learning process in different ways. Students of a second language feel somehow attracted to the use of technology in their attempt to learn the studied language...why is that?. Your thesis statement is not clear.

You need a stronger topic sentence for this paragraph. I have indicated in bold some key words that could lead to a main idea. But notice that you are discussing a variety of concepts that do not really link to your thesis statement, or main idea of your essay. Learners and teachers have realized about the importance of using technology in the classroom. A study by Lecklider, Britten, and Clausen (2009), pointed out the importance of technology in the classroom. In such study was found that teachers should be using technology in order for students to feel motivated as well. In addition, Stoddard (2009), investigated the use of documentaries. This author found that documentaries and movies have gained much importance in today’s classrooms at all levels. This helps a lot in the development of learner’s knowledge since it reinforces what is being seen in class. Additionally, the use of internet seems to play a fine role over apprentices’ learning - What do you mean when you say, "apprentices learning"? due to the wide possibilities of research in a faster and easier way. In a study carried out by Fu, Wu, and Ho (2009), which was focused on web-learning, was found out that students’ motivation increases due to the use of internet. Which it is assumed Stay in the active voice here. that internet and other technological resources really affect students.

Willing apprentices of a second language are taking advantage of the technological resources found in today’s world which bring to class. Since times have changed, students try to find new and fun ways of learning. So, teachers must be aware of this in order implement all these technologies into their activities and lessons. Education is a field that like others, technology has embracedAwkward.. Different specialists in these issues, rely on the importance of technology as a valuable resource for teaching and learning. Finally, emphasize the use of technology in the classroom has become a new assignment for all the students who want to learn a second language by making use of all the possibilities they find around them.


Start references on the next line.Fu, F., Wu, Y., & Ho, H. (2009). An investigation of coopetitive Run spell check. pedagogic design for knowledge creation in Web-based learning. Computers & Education. pp 53, 550-562. doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2009.01.004

Lecklider, D., Britten, J. S., & Clausen, J. M. (2009). Principals Priority for Technology as an Indicator of Observed Use in Schools. AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice 5(4) pp. 27-33. Retrieved from

Stoddard, J. (2009). The Ideological Implications of Using Educational Film to Teach Controversial Events. Curriculum Inquiry, 39(3).

My education philosophy

My educational philosophy is based on a mix of different methods and approaches like the direct method, communicative approach and somewhat of the TPR approach. When do I use these different methods? It depends on the lesson and the activity planned. For instance, when I want to make my students to produce language in a simulated situation I tend to use more the communicative approach. The TPR is used when there is a certain word or concept that must be explained though. All these elements are part of my methodology. In addition, I tend to support my teaching on visual aids and technology. Interaction patterns is also important when I teach because in some activities is necessary to have students working individually but in others is necessary to have them working in teams or in pairs, so the seating arrangement is linked to the interaction patterns element. Finally, information and communication technologies are important in my philosophy because I believe that students feel more attracted towards technology.

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