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I am Renu Malaviya. I have a Master in Child Development and another in Education. My doctoral work in Psycho-sociology of education. the title of my doctoral work was,'Family & School: Influences on the primary school child.'I have been a teacher educator for the last 2 decades. I specialise in pedagogy of teaching, educational pyschology and inclusive education.

I have been teaching at Department of Education, Lady Irwin College, Delhi University.

I have written books on

  • Creating a Learning Environment

My sandbox

  • Advance Dictionary of Home Science (English to Hindi)

I am working on my next book on

  • Context of Children's Life: Family and School

For my B.Ed Students: you must focus upon

  • physical presentation
  • type of questions
      • validity
      • realibility
      • objectivity
      • level of difficulty

Professional Development