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Hi everyone

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Contact-new.svg Richard Doel-Mackaway aka Rdoelmackaway
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Employer:Contractor at Centre for Learning Innovation
Occupation:Learning Designer
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I am just starting out with WikiEducator so I am still learning the ropes. The online tutorials have been a great guide through the philosophical and technical aspects of the wiki model for developing educational resources.

I am currently working as a contract Learning Designer at the Centre for Learning Innovation (CLI), in Australia. See my work history and WikiEducator projects below for more information.

Work history

1995 - Classroom teacher at Greystanes High School

2000 - Network manager and classroom teacher at Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS), Sydney

2005 - Contract Learning Designer for NBCS from Fiji

2005 - ICT Facilitator at Casimir Catholic College, Sydney

2006 - Learning Designer at CLI, Sydney

2007 - IT Manager at Arden Anglican School, Sydney

2008 - Contract Learning Designer at CLI, Sydney

My interests

I am a keen technologist. In all its shapes, sizes and iterations I enjoy interacting with new technologies. I have worked in the IT Education sector for all of my working life. My experiance ranges from supporting IT integration in Pre-school through to developing e-learning content for Diploma level students in vocational education.

I hope to add wiki knowledge to my arsenal of education tools.

My projects

Briki - Building and construction course material

WikiEducator Wiki Markup Cheatsheet - Wiki markup syntax list

My Sandbox