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Authoring tools are programs that helps you write hypertext or multimedia applications. They usually enable creation of a final application by linking together objects, such as a paragraph of text, an illustration, or music,audio,video,animation. Most authoring systems also support a scripting language for more sophisticated applications. Authoring tools require less technical knowledge to master and are used exclusively for applications that present a mixture of textual, graphical, and audio data i.e Multimedia Creation. Authoring systems vary widely in features, functionality, look and feel, and learning capabilities of the user. Most of the authoring systems require some basic knowledge of heuristic thinking and algorithm design.

The Main features of authoring tools are:

• Use of different pedagogical approaches

• Use of Self Test Features (Multiple Choice, Match the following, Fill in the blanks, True False) and feedback on learning

• Integrated Multimedia Elements (Text, audio, video,animation)

• Have Menu for Navigation (Home, Next , previous page)

• Script language programs (Action Scripts for time lines, actions related to mouse movement)

• GUI(Graphic User Interface ) or Icon based programs

• DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) for extending features

• Supporting CD-ROM, SCORM,HTML

• Supporting Video , Audio, Google docs, YouTube embedding

• Hypertext for inter-linkages

• Cross-Platform Capability

• Built-in Run time Players.