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  • Maintenance and Upkeep of Telecommunications Equipment in Indian Air Force
  • Installation , Maintenance, Training of Paging Services in Easycall in North India
  • ICT Projects Conceptualization
    • Desktop GIS Application based on GRAM+ from IIT,Powai
  • Implementation Education Sector Projects
    • Setting up of new institutions in EDucation, Engineering, Medical streams
    • NBA Accreditation, Formalities in AICTE and other stakeholders
  • Implementation of Community Radio Stations
    • Bhopal, Indore in MP
  • E-Learning
  • Learning Resources Development


  • Gardening
  • Internet
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Passion for eLearning
  • Play with small children
  • Talk and interact with Senior citizens
  • Wikipedia has fascinated me


  • My wife is an Insurance Professional.

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