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Hi, I am Ravi Limaye, an e-learning enthusiast,

Hi, this is my first new page.

The journey in wikieducator is exciting,

So I inserted a photo of me and my better half on a trip.

The wikieducator journey is great .

There are many collabrators in the this trip and a trip is enjoyable when you get collabration .

It gives immence happiness.

My few days at

On initial days, I opened my account and then there was a message. I tried to see who the other participants were and peeked into their pages. I found that there were participants with bigger statistics in second last column of the list and that motivated me to work more. " I too should have a easonable figure there in this column,"

With each day, this figure increased.


My Current Objectives

Icon objectives.jpg
* To learn creating content on wikieducator
* To create interesting content
* To understand the concepts and develop a network of peers and gurus


My learning Experience:

I saw others pages, In between I deleted certain stuff from my user page, but subsequently restored it.

I wish I could insert media elements. I will work on that

On the first day of workshop, I felt great, there are so many like minded people and one always tends to feel we are alone on the planet. No wikieducator is a great experience. The messages from various people makes one feel "Human".

I like the following vedio:

The participants are indeed a set of wonderful people and thanks to wikieducator for this. I am happy and lot of things are happening.