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Real Property Institute of Canada

TORs for Business Plan development


RPIC desires an evergreening business plan to support its vision, mission and strategic plan; provide focus for its operational activities; and facilitate stakeholder engagement, communications and key messaging as part of its development. The principle focuses are:

  1. support the development of RPIC as a community and as a federal real property network with academia, public and private sectors;
  2. facilitating stakeholder readiness, engagement, buy-in and ownership as RPIC advocates;
  3. continuously increasing the breadth and depth of stakeholder involvement via timely communications and relevant feedback;
  4. developing, testing and refining key messages (i.e., in the language of key stakeholders) to further increase stakeholder adoption and action;
  5. aligning project design and development activities with organizational culture, operational and financial resources for increase performance and action learning.

Deliverables / Outputs

  • Business Plan
  • Level 1 - Business Plan Framework and Table of Contents (ie. environmental scan, by-laws, governance, policy compliance requirements, federal RP inventory, mission, vision, mandate, business lines, 5-year workplan, governance, etc.).
  • Level 2 - Summary Details (1-2 pages per section) for each business line;
  • Key Messages (and revised key messages) - to community of practitioners, internal and external stakeholders (i.e., academia, public and private sectors, sponsors, federal government senior management);
  • Recommendations for Action


  • Work proactively with RPIC's Executive Directors, Board of Directors, ADM Advisory Board and RPIC stakeholders and any designated contractors and or partners
  • Develop and write the RPIC Business Plan, particularly in terms of strategic direction, key business lines (ie. professional development training, national and regional workshops, etc.), communications and key messages;
  • Actively support the participation and contributions of stakeholders; conduct short interviews where appropriate to obtain their feedback and debrief on key sections (including key messages) of the business plan;
  • Continuously inform and share business plan information with relevant stakeholders, to obtain their input, feedback and appropriate 'language'; and support members in fully engaging in the RPIC community;
  • Review, analyze and incorporate collected data into business plan; communicate progress and results.
  • Recommend actions as required, to continuously engage stakeholders and increase their 'buy-in' (i.e., professional development opportunities; revenue models; communications, online collaboration / social media, monitoring, evaluation and reporting, etc.)


  • Secure wiki production space, data hosted in Canda
  • for RPIC Board - approx. 15 users - for duration of business plan project
  • Basic wiki training and support
  • RPIC wiki space customization (i.e., look and feel - welcoming, easy navigation)