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Monterey Institute for Technology & Education

Phase I

Contractor will guide the implementation of a learning system ecology to support engagement, mutual learning among all stakeholders and optimize users’ ability to:

  • Find support, training, and collaborators
  • Increase participation in the NROC Network,
  • Facilitate sustainable engagement, buy-in and ownership for partners and participants in specific activities
  • Leverage use of social media to foster and enhance participatory engagement and content creation for meaningful, retained and actionable learning experiences
  • Foster development of scalable and open educational resources

Contractor will work proactively with Project Leader, designated contractors and staff to:

  • Summarize the website purpose, brand values / 'image', key stakeholders, (their) desired objectives and desired functionality
  • Align project design, development and implementation activities with organizational strategy, operational and financial measures, for increased performance and action learning
  • Communicate key messages and inform layout and site navigation;
  • Distribute the workload in strategic manner
  • Inform content organization and actions available to user groups
  • Guide implementation of top priority content and features
  • Provide monthly updates and final report (2-3 pages) on outputs, challenges and recommendations for next steps
  • Actively mentor web managers to increase their skill development to facilitate discussion, networking, engagement, and collaboration in the NROC node;
  • Suggest metrics for evaluation and reporting that align with MITE’s strategic objectives, and operational and financial metrics