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HireCo Learning Community

Phase I - HireCo - Terms of Reference for Learning Community

The contractor will use Project Implementation Services to:

  1. Conduct a needs analysis of the HireCo Learning Community, as part of HireCo 's Leadership Development Program;
  2. Develop a communications strategy for the HireCo Learning Community including the development of key messages for high priority stakeholders and make recommendations for implementation thereof;
  3. Develop a change/transition management strategy for engaging and facilitating learners from a face-to-face HireCo Learning Community to an engaging and interactive online Learning Community utilizing social media; ensuring alignment to corporate competencies, organizational mandate, culture and resources, and make recommendations for implementation thereof;
  4. Review, analyze and recommend modifications to HireCo 's Leadership Development Program to achieve learner engagement, buy-in and ownership in an online Learning Community;
  5. Identify and engage potential new contributors to and users of the HireCo Learning Community; support members to fully engage in the community, including developing (online) community leadership behaviours and technical/social media skills and digital literacy;
  6. Proactively facilitated discussion and networking, and actively support the participation and contributions of individuals and groups, and advance collaboration and support among individuals and groups in HireCo 's Learning Community;
  7. Support the implementation of HireCo Learning Community by facilitating and coaching adult learning, performance and innovation, and tracking and communicating progress;
  8. Monitor and evaluate HireCo’s Learning Community in terms of identifying and qualifying trends and evaluating and communicating opportunities for individual and community leadership, innovation and performance;
  9. Provide monthly updates and final report on outputs and challenges.

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