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Just a brief note to say that I enjoyed chatting with you at the XXXX strategic planning meeting. Looking forward to continuing the conversation - and supporting XXXXin its next stage of development.

I recall hearing that one of your responsibilities was working with communities-of-practice. I'd like to learn more about this, and share some ideas based on my experience.

In addition to my responsibilities with Intersol, I am involved with a global open-source elearning project AND community of 12,000+ educatorsin 110+ countries and a top 100K website. It's called WikiEducator, and is affiliated to Wikipedia -

My role has been to build a healthy WikiEducator community and facilitate stakeholder engagement, (e)learning and collaboration. I have been instrumental in engaging folks to rally around their (technology and learning) projects, strengthen leadership skills, and bridge them towards a new 'system' or way of operating. I use a blended methodology of change/transition management, action learning, facilitation and social media. (My background:

I have found that sustainability and performance occur when people actually use what they set out to create; when they involve others in the process; when they experience 'alignment', and use their organizational and relationship capital to create dialogue, trust and rapport, which in turn creates emergent opportunities, movement and momentum.

Thoughts, feedback? Would you be interested in chatting further?

Best regards,

- Randy

PS. In preparing this note, I took a look at your bio on the XXXX site, and noticed your experience in the healthcare sector. A viable community of practice can be designed to enable 'healthy' conversations, which further engages folks and supports them to act as 'ambassadors' to bring new people into the community.