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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

As part of AAFC's Sustainable Development strategy: Knowledge of water resources is increased.; and Water efficiency and sustainable water use is improved.

  • Increased adoption of and support for applying an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach to watershed planning and management activities that will improve the protection of water quality from agriculture impacts, secure water supplies for agricultural needs, and consider the three elements of sustainable development.
  • Supporting Performance Measure: Percentage of transferable tools, knowledge activities and instruments that support IWRM and decision making.
  • Achieved Departmental Results: Progress on drafts of new web-based tools (e.g. National Water Atlas (NWA), Rural Water Resources Planner) which provide water resource information for decision-making at the watershed level. A prototype of the NWA is available through GCPedia and draft products are being developed. Planning is under development to incorporate the Rural Water Resources Planner into NLWIS.
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DFAIT / External Affairs

  • use of wikis and video conferencing - Marc

Government of Ontario: Implementing an Open, Enterprise Social Media Platform Within Government

OPSpedia is the internal professional networking site for the Ontario Public Service, and is inspired by Wikipedia and Intellipedia (and GCpedia, and CivilWiki), but we went a different direction than our colleagues in other jurisdictions and instead of providing a variety of web based tools (a wiki, a social network, social bookmarks, etc). A website was built by customizing popular open source tools, offering capabilities in a single user interface. This talk isn’t about OPSpedia itself, but rather how we made it happen in the face of stiff, and common, bureaucratic challenges. - Collaborating with Federal and Community Partners to Improve Access to HIV and New Media Information: Lessons Learned from

  • Miguel Gomez (, Office of HIV/AIDS Policy, Office of the Secretary, HHS)

1:25pm Wednesday, 05/26/2010 Social Networks and Collaboration

Natural Resources Canada

  • NRCan Wiki


Stephen Huffman, VP & CTO, MITRE Corporation - Idea Market, an online collaborative environment focused on generating, discussing, and managing ideas for new R&D projects. Any staff member can submit an idea through the platform. All other staff can comment and offer suggestions and vote. Launched in Spring 2009, the forum attracted 850 idea submissions and roughly 1,000 discussion threads during its first 30 days — all based upon a 40 percent participation rate across the entire MITRE employee base.

  • Success factor: An ongoing communications campaign that has included weekly reminders, participation recaps, and statistics of most popular ideas.


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