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(Comment.gif: RandyGivesBack inspired the 2010 WikiEducator Gives Back - Learning4Content project )

Randy Gives Back

An innovative fundraising initiative for charitable support, by donating 15% of my gross annual salary for 1 year, to a personal referral / introduction to a hiring manager, resulting in an offer of successful employment. Profiled in Marketing Magazine Daily - Marketing professional offers reward for finding him a job, by Michelle Halpern, January 26, 2005.

Innovative Job Search & Networking Campaign Creates Special Gift for Charities and Deserving Non-Profits

VANCOUVER, BC, January 1, 2005 — The spirit of giving just got a big boost with an innovative job search campaign that encourages positive networking, information-sharing and charitable giving. Randy Fisher is looking for work, and in return for a referral that leads to a job (which he accepts), he will give 15% of a gross contract value to the referrer’s favourite charity or deserving nonprofit.

“I strongly believe in sharing,” says Randy Fisher, a Vancouver-based marketing and communications professional. “The Law of Abundance says that 85 %of a pie is a lot better than 100% of no pie,” he says. “Randy GivesBack is a great way for me to raise awareness for deserving charities and get a great job too,” he says. “I want to accelerate my search for a marketing or product management position and motivate people to help me and their favourite charity.”

It could be a big windfall for a charity or deserving nonprofit. For example, if Randy obtained a $30,000 annual starting salary, the charity receives $4,500.
“Most jobs come from the people who know the people you know (i.e., Two Degrees of Separation),” Randy says. “I want to encourage people to be my Ambassador — and network with their Circle of Contacts to identify a project or opportunity that might benefit from my program management/coordination and marketing and communications skills. I am open to opportunity: the hiring organization could be in Vancouver, Seattle, Austin or elsewhere in North America.”

“If someone refers me to a person who wants to hire me and I accept, then I will give 15% of my gross annual starting salary to their favourite charity.”

A growing network of ‘Ambassadors’ have said they would ‘network’ with their contacts and keep their eyes and ears open for a marketing / communications project or opportunity. They include: Anne Carabine, Co-President, Wired Woman Society; Peter Ciceri, Peter Ciceri & Associates; Jim Dangerfield, VP, Forintek Canada; Thealzel Lee, Rocketbuilders; Avra Goldenblatt, Marketing Manager, Vancouver Magazine & Western Living; Geoff Poapst, co-founder, Public Policy Forum (Ottawa); and, Deepak Wanner, President & CEO, Precidia Technologies (Ottawa)

These Ambassadors' favourite charities include: Georgia Strait Alliance; Canadian Cancer Society; Endeavour Society; Learning Disabilities Association of BC; Room to Read; Science World; and The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

How it works

When you identify a contact in your Network who can hire me (i.e., Contact #1), or learn of a relevant project or opportunity in your community, please let Randy know, or have that person reach him directly. You are welcome to forward Randy's resume, which is at:

The Fine Print
  1. The 15% is applicable on Randy’s gross base annual starting salary or contract amount, and applies for a period up to 12 months beginning from the official start date. If the position / opportunity < 1 year, the amount will be pro-rated.
  2. If Contact #1 hires me — 15% of my salary goes directly to My Ambassador’s favourite charity or deserving nonprofit.
  3. If Contact #1 directly refers me to Contact #2 who hires me — the 7.5% option goes into effect, to Contact #1’s favourite charity etc.
  4. Contact #2 is a person external to Contact #1’s organization.
  5. The 'job' may be a full-time salaried opportunity or a contract assignment.
  6. Payments to the charity will be made bi-annually.
  7. There are no costs or fees to the referring individual or the receiving charity or nonprofit.


Other Flavors

Business Referrals - Randy Gives Back

In the spirit of the Randy Gives Back campaign (2005), Randy Fisher (aka WikiRandy) is seeking to donate a percentage of his revenues to a deserving charity or nonprofit, in return for business referrals - for opportunities in project management, stakeholder engagement and online learning, teambuilding and collaboration. His resume:

The Fine Print

  1. The referring individual will share Contact name, organization and other pertinent details with RF to enable a connection and dialogue
  2. RF will share progress on a reasonable and timely basis.
  3. Confidential information will not be shared with anyone, at any time or by any means.
  4. There are no costs or fees to the referring individual or the receiving charity or nonprofit.
  1. Referring individual will notify Randy Fisher as to the name, location and website of his/her favourite charity or deserving nonprofit.
  2. The President or Executive Director of the charity or deserving nonprofit will be notified accordingly.
  1. Only if Contact is NOT already known to RF/iCentro; OR if Contact is known to RF/iCentro, RF may not be aware of an existing or emerging project opportunity.
  2. For project management, stakeholder engagement and/or online learning, teambuilding, collaboration and coaching services, primarily but not exclusively.
  3. If other services are contracted to Randy Fisher or iCentro Corporation, or a RF/iCentro designate or network member, 50% of the percentage/amount applies.
  4. In the event that RF/iCentro is referred to a 2nd-level contact from the referring individual, then 1/2 the applicable amount applies and so on.
  1. For first contract within one (1) year of initial contact with referring individual
  2. A record will be kept of the correspondence and agreement with the referring individual.
  3. Subsequent contracts are not applicable.
  1. As of October 2, 2010 -- Five (5%) per cent.
  1. Based on gross contract value, less taxes and expenses.
  2. Payments will be made to the individual's designated charity or deserving nonprofit by iCentro Corporation, AFTER after the contract has been fully completed to the Client's satisfaction.
  3. Full payment must be received (and successfully clear the banking / financial institution).
  4. Payment will be made via cheque, e-payment or the most convenient method possible.
  5. Payment of applicable taxes, expenses and any other fees are the responsibility of the referring individual.
  1. RF/iCentro will publicize the progress, success and payment via conventional means (i.e., press releases) and social media (i.e., LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice, unless an agreement has already been made, in good faith.

Past Recipients