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Re: Facilitator, Consultation and Web Site Review Process

Dear XXXX,

Further to our recent phone conversation, I am writing to confirm our proposal for consulting and facilitation services in support of the Facilitator, Consultation and Web Site Review Process RFP.

Our project team has significant experience in stakeholder facilitation and consultation, and in reviewing websites to extract ideas, suggestions and client preferences for appropriate design, framework, content, tools and resources that reflect the organization’s identity, vision and mission. We also have extensive knowledge of online survey development and market research, and Internet and Intranet trends and tools and report-writing.

This RFP is particularly timely for iCentro, as we have recently completed the redesign of our own web site, and are in an even better position to share expertise, tools and lessons learned.

In preparing this proposal, we have identified a Parallel Community Engagement approach for engaging internal and external stakeholders as a Community to:

  • identify and recommend strategies for reducing resistance to change/transition;
  • identify opportunities and recommend strategies for increased stakeholder collaboration, performance and optimal workload distribution;
  • build support and momentum for buy-in, ownership and a sense of pride for this initiative;
  • leverage opportunities for new relationships, communication and Web 2.0 social networking,

This Parallel Community Engagement approach is integrated into our approach, and this proposal.

This letter proposal outlines our understanding of the project requirement, proposes professional services to address the requirement, and provides an estimate of the related professional fees.

Please note that, as a nonprofit organization, we have provided a substantial one-time discount (50%) off the project fee. This price quote contained in this proposal is valid for 45 calendar days only.

In closing, on behalf of iCentro, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with One Change on this important project.


Randy Fisher


The information in the proposal for consulting services contained herein is ICENTRO confidential. It is intended solely for the purpose of evaluating our response to your Request for Proposal. Reading, copying, disclosing, appropriating or disseminating the contents of this transmission by any one other than the named recipient is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of iCentro Corporation

iCentro Corporation is aware of the contents of the Canadian Access to Information Act and current regulations governing disclosure of information. It is our opinion that this entire response falls under Article 20(1) of the Act “Third Party Information”, subsections (a), (b), (c) and (d) and as such the named recipient shall refuse to disclose any information contained in this Response.

Bid Validity

This proposal and all pricing will be valid for a period of 45 calendar days from the closing date of the RFP.

Our Understanding of your Requirements

As a rapidly-growing nonprofit organization, One Change has steadily increased its profile as a leader in social change and community mobilization. Its innovative and successful motivational campaigns to support stakeholders in making simple changes have been supportive and empowering.

One Change has enabled stakeholders to: build confidence in their ability to make a difference (via simple changes) while being connected to others; learn how smart choices to protect the environment can truly make a difference; and gain a sense of pride and ownership in a local, national and global environmental and social change movement.

As the organization matures in its development, it is seeking to build on its strong social brand, and leverage its enviable track record of success to reach a greater range of people and engage them on different levels to effect sustainable social and environmental change.

It is seeking a talented facilitator to lead an inclusive and participative consultation and website review process, to help develop an RFP for the redesign of its web presence.

Our Approach

At iCentro, we facilitate stakeholder engagement using an integrated, inclusive and participatory approach that strengthens your organization’s relationships, builds a robust community, and seeks way to increase and enhance communication throughout your ecosystem. We partner with our clients to co-create solutions that build their skill and confidence over the long term.

Clearly, One Change is more than a brand and website identity: it is an identifiable community of shared interest and a social network.

In obtaining stakeholder input and feedback for a redesigned web presence (and RFP), ICentro has identified a parallel opportunity for engaging and communicating with internal and external stakeholders as a community to:

  • identify and recommend strategies for reducing resistance to change/transition;
  • identify opportunities and recommend strategies for increased stakeholder collaboration, performance and optimal workload distribution;
  • build support and momentum for buy-in, ownership and a sense of pride for this initiative;
  • leverage opportunities for new relationships, communication and Web 2.0 social networking.

Underpinning our approach is a focus on action research and learning to support meaningful project involvement, social/Web2.0 networking and mutual learning, in order to increase communication, advocacy, and sustainable project implementation. These activities will be developed in alignment with your strategic objectives, operational metrics, organizational culture and available resources.

The typical iCentro methodology to facilitating a process of this nature would include:

Project Start-Up
Report and Follow-Up
* Understand issues, pressures and dynamics
  • Achieve a shared view of the challenges and opportunities
  • Confirm project scope, timeline and deliverables
  • Meet with organizing / steering committees to understand their expectations and contribution to the desired objectives

* Design for optimum contribution from stakeholders
  • Get input, direction and approval from client
  • Prepare an effective process design, plan and supporting sub-processes to deliver on specifics
  • Provide logistical advice

* Facilitate for best possible dynamics
  • Empower stakeholders to participate
  • Work closely with client and foster environment for self-management
  • Keep records of key issues, discussion points, advice

* Produce aggregate report incorporating feedback
  • Assess and debrief with the client
  • Examine causes of success
  • Note lessons learned
  • Share strategic observations which will contribute to future success

1What this process implies, in real life, is the establishment of a strong working relationship with the client project team in all phases of the project.

Detailed Work Plan

Applying the iCentro approach to this project, we have developed the following detailed work plan:

Activities and Deliverables
No. of Days
Phase 1 – Project Start-Up

Hold initial meeting, review background documents, draft project charter and plan.


  • Project charter

October 2 - 6
* Start-up meeting to be held by October 5

Phase 2 – Design

Agree on approach and detailed plan for consultations, survey, and web site review.


  • Project plan

October 7 - 9
* Client to provide lists of stakeholders for consultations and survey

Phase 3 – Delivery

Conduct consultations – internal, external and survey – and review web sites


  • Consultation of internal stakeholders
  • Consultation of external stakeholders
  • Online survey
  • Web site review

October 12 - November 6
* Consultations will include group sessions and one-on-one interviews (up to 10 one-hour sessions/ interviews)

Phase 4 – Report & Follow-Up

Produce the report and assist One Change in developing an RFP for the web site redesign


  • One aggregate report with results of all phase 3 activities, and recommendations
  • Input into RFP

November 9 - 27
* Report will be completed by November 13

Total No. of Days
13 days

Proposed Resources

iCentro has put together the following team of our qualified consultants for this project. Detailed résumés are provided in appendix.

Randy Fisher, Lead Consultant, will be responsible for project delivery, liaising with the client team and conducting most of the facilitation and consulting activities.

Randy (aka WikiRandy) is a Senior Consultant and Facilitator with 15 years of experience related to stakeholder engagement, project management, coordination and implementation. He develops and builds scalable and sustainable communities and living networks by facilitating collaboration, action-learning, and strategic relationships (between peers, communities and organizations), and by building capacity in people (online and face-to-face) for high levels of interest, motivation and confidence, strategic leverage, and readiness for change / transition.

Randy uses wikis, blogs and social networking tools for national and global collaboration, participatory learning and engagement, movement and momentum. He has advised, trained, mentored and coached front-line staff, technical and IT specialists, middle managers and executives. He has an MA in Organization Management and Development from Fielding Graduate University; a post-graduate degree in Journalism (King's) and a BA in Political Science (McGill). He is a Certified Advanced Technology Manager, and also holds certifications in instructional design, train-the-trainer, wiki skills, MBTI, and The Birkman Method.

Relevant Experience

  • Commonwealth of Learning, Canada – Development and facilitation of communities of practice in community media , governance and leadership.
  • International Centre for Open Education / OER Foundation, New Zealand – Senior Consultant, Organization Development
  • Monterey Institute of Technology & Education, USA – stakeholder and community engagement for National Registry of Online Courses (
  • OER Africa, Kenya – website review for general appeal, navigation and community engagement –
  • University of British Columbia, Learning Exchange (Community Service Learning), Canada - Leadership coaching and workshop planning for an online web portal / community of practice for project leaders, faculty, students and partner NGOs in community service learning. -
  • WikiEducator, Canada - community engagement for global, open source wiki community of educators –

Erik Hagborg, Technology Consultant, will provide expertise regarding current Internet and Intranet technology, tools and trends.

Erik is an experienced digital media strategist, information architect and interaction designer. He has extensive experience in consulting and planning for web projects, having worked on everything from social network sites through to secure corporate Intranets. With over 16 years of experience in the communications field, Erik brings an understanding of technology, best practices and client needs to every project.

As Vice President planning and Strategy, Real Decoy Inc., Erik oversees a team of three full-time web strategists that cover all aspects of web strategy. Providing clients with consultation, advice and recommendations that are based on over 12 years of experience managing, planning and consulting on web projects. Erik has a wide range of experience in various web related fields, including: social media including “web 2.0” technologies, eCommerce, Intranet and Content Management System strategies, including entry level, mid market and enterprise level solutions.

Erik has provided strategic direction and planning to clients such as: CanadaPost, Dun & Bradstreet, Footlocker, Honda, IBM, Intuit, and the governments of both Canada and Jamaica to name but a few.

Other iCentro Resources Subject to client agreement, the project team may call upon other iCentro facilitators to support the delivery of the project. If this situation occurs, the Client will incur no additional expense or fees.

Professional Fees

Proposed Price

Based on the proposed solution outlined in Section 2, the proposed price for these services is $9,100, plus GST and any applicable expenses and taxes.

This represents a 50% discount from the total price at full corporate rates – applicable ONLY to preferred non-profit and charitable organizations.

The price breakdown by phase is as follows:

Activities and Deliverables No. of Days
Phase 1 – Project Start-Up
$1,400 $ 2,800.00
Phase 2 – Design
$1,400 $ 2,800.00
Phase 3 – Delivery
$1,400 $ 7,000.00
Phase 4 – Report & Follow-Up
$1,400 $ 5,600.00
13 days
Special Charitable Organization Credit – 50% $ 9,100.00

Payment and Contract Terms

Contracts and payments should be made to the name of iCentro Corporation. Invoices are due upon receipt; and work will be invoiced upon completion.

This proposal is valid for 45 days.

About iCentro Corporation

Who We Are

iCentro Corporation is a team of experienced consulting, facilitation and learning professionals whose expertise lies in the ability to harness and build lasting organizational capacity for our clients.

Whether the focus is on shaping vision and strategy, on managing change, on stakeholder consultation, or on high performance teamwork, ICentro helps organizations leverage the knowledge, experience and expertise inherent in their people. We do this by drawing on ICentro’s experience of over 10 years and 100+ projects in the public, not for profit and private sectors.

Our Expertise

Using processes, methods and tools that allow people to collaborate effectively and efficiently, our seasoned professionals work with our clients to:

  • Build collaborative solutions to complex problems. We partner with an organization’s leaders to address today’s complex challenges and opportunities. We help all members of the organization develop the knowledge and skills they need to be effective, healthy contributors towards desired outcomes.
  • Create a unique combination of perspective and approach. We leverage our clients’ content knowledge with our process expertise to create tailored programs that build organizational capacity.
  • Facilitate leadership, collaboration, innovation and results. Facilitation is the core competency of ICentro. We harness your leadership through our facilitative approach to create the right climate for stronger relationships and positive, lasting results.
Appendix 1


Appendix 2

Sample Reports