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  • 2 columns (list column on the left)
  • preferably, the links, search column on the right - mirroring the wiki site
  • picture - engaging people, crisp, sharp, welcoming, focus on people - social networks
    • picture at top page (love the Swanky photo) - with square corners, not rounded
  • in main column, room for images - even if thumbnails
  • site has to be 'engaging, welcoming', and friendly - not true blue corporate - we're all about showing that e-learning is accessible, welcoming and a good alternative to the current situation - where it's pretty lousy, really.
  • I do like the blue of the old iCentro site, but it certainly is in need of a refresh...

Website Themes

Top Candidates

  • Acquia_Marina
  • Ad_Novus_Fluid (they show Ad Novus) - like this one, but need to change the picture
  • main drupal theme -
Not This Time
  • About People - feels compressed, packed in
  • Amadou - like the blue
  • Glossy Blue
  • Marinelli6x - love the photo, and the alignment with the mountain, and his goals; too much though
  • Pixel Green
  • 2Bits

  • Professional
  • Swanky - too pink
  • Zero Point - use blue colours instead of grey
  • Longbeach - need to change photo


Old, Revised (iCentro) site

Well, I finally found the old albeit revised website, in the way back machine. It's an example of that fresh, bright look -(on this site - my former partner -*/ = Downlevel intro page