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Leadership Ottawa

Communities are energized through the leadership of committed individuals who go beyond conventional thinking; are able to understand issues and challenges at the strategic level; and can take action to do the things that most need doing. Moreover, leadership teams need representation from private, public and the not-for-profit sectors collaborating in strongly-established formal and informal networks.

Leadership Ottawa will expand the number of experienced leaders in and across neighborhoods in this community. There will be a better understanding of community issues; a greater sensitivity to community diversity; and a new commitment to community coheasion and trusteeship. There will be new connections established across business, government and voluntary organizations; and a resulting deeper sense of common growund and common visions for a healthy, sustainable Ottawa Community.


Name: Title: Organization: Phone:

I recommend Randy Fisher whom I have known for ___________years in the following capacity: _________________________

Please address the following questions:

  1. Based on your knowledge of the participant, provide examples of how he/she has demonstrated leadership qualities in his / her professional and / or community involvement.
  2. Describe why you support this person for participation in Leadership Ottawa

Signature: Date: Email completed letter of reference to Joanne Hakkaku at