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1. Building Sustainable Projects, Communities & Networks

People-centred vs. Technology-Driven Change

In today's fast-paced world, technology is driving business change. For the people who are impacted by the latest 'new' system', it's an uphill climb. Many projects fail to go beyond strategy and planning meetings and achieve their desired outcomes, because they don't have the engagement, buy-in and ownership from their stakeholders.

"It's not the change, it's the transition, stupid." -- Randy Fisher, February 16, 2010

Intersol's Randy Fisher, can help you achieve stakeholder and community engagement and your desired project outcomes.

Our Approach

Our Change / Transition Management (CTM) approach focuses on action research, learning and cultural change to support meaningful project involvement and stakeholder collaboration and ecosystem communications.


  • Designing a CTM Approach in alignment with your strategic objectives, organizational culture, leadership competencies and available resources;
  • Applying a community-of-practice approach to traditional project management
  • Integrating appreciative inquiry (AI), generative dialogue and inclusive, participatory action research and a learning systems ecology.
  • Using Web2.0 / social media (blogs, wikis, instant messaging) tools for increasing stakeholder engagement, and integrating and leveraging (website) communications, learning and collaboration.


So what? - What's in it for me?
Meaningful stakeholder involvement, buy-in, ownership and feedback throughout project implementation
  • Faster time-to-market - achieve project goals
  • Increase trust and rapport - faster actions and results
  • Engage IT (Team Leads) as key partner to change / transition process
Less anxiety and resistance to (planned) culture change/transition
  • Faster return-on-investment
  • Faster achievement of desired outcomes
Opportunities for learning, knowledge-sharing and strengthening bodies of knowledge;
  • Increased participation - before, during and after face-to-face meetings
  • Sustainable leadership behaviours
  • Innovation
Opportunities for leadership, innovation, growth and performance
  • Increasing leadership behaviours
  • Distributed workload
  • Less busywork, duplication
Web 2.0 social networking and collaboration
  • Increased collaboration;
  • Reduced travel cost;
  • Increased performance and productivity
Increased networking and relationship-building, recognition and communications support - locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Stronger partnerships & alliances
  • Increased PR and media coverage
  • Increased ability to influence internal change



  • Increase productivity by 10%
  • Increased breadth and depth of participation by 20%


  • Increase customer and/or partner satisfaction by 20%

Critical Success Factors / Risk Mitigation

  • Management support (including budget and decision-making authority)
  • Open & Ready for Change / Transition
  • Internal champion / advocate
  • Day-to-Day Relevance
  • Agenda Management (i.e., time for action items)
  • Effective Communications
  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation & Reporting

Storyboard / Workflow

  • Outcome - critical success factors as a context piece - value proposition
  • Pictures, activities, etc. (i.e., website - interactive - home page - to - bio - to news items - resources, etc.) - 1- Pager

Value Proposition

Our unique full service approach often begins with an environmental assessment phase to gather inputs and priorities from stakeholder groups to inform the organizers and help shape the agenda and design of the face-to-face sessions. We work continuously with our clients throughout each project leveraging access to leading edge tools and expertise that will engage their community in ways that will sustain momentum and ensure that the agreed upon plans and priorities are delivered successfully.

Project Implementation Services