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This is my contribution for L4C1 Development Studies for Secondary School

Contact-new.svg Castro Muakitenoforanga
Employer:St Stephen Community College
Occupation:F6 Tutor
Country:Solomon Islands
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I am from Nukukaisi Village in Makira Ulawa Province. Nukukaisi is the largest Polynesian settlement in the province. The estimated population is about 1000. Youths made up approximately half of the population. One of the most exciting phenomena is the struggle by the village elders to promote the Tikopian culture in an environment that is predominantly Melanesian, and the eroding changes that result from rural urban migration.

About Me

Reading novels is my passion and favorite pastime. I love reading espionage and war novels. I only have basic computer knowledge. I am an expert fisherman therefore could teach others to fish. I would like to be computer literate and have advance knowledge in the use of computers for Educational purposes.


I teach at St Stephen Community College. A Church Of Melanesia owned school. The aim of the Organization is to provide quality education and advance training to youths of the country. I am the Pacific Senior Secondary School Certificate coordinator for the school and is in charge of all PSSC academic requirements in the school.


It will bring an enthusiastic learning environment, which would motivate them and enable them to contribute and participate in global discussions. I will share the knowledge with the students in the school. When they leave they can help inform their respective communities about the use of the Wikipedia.

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