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My name is Rabikha Hasni binti Suparman and I was born in Alor Setar, Kedah in 4 March 1979. Soon after my birth, my family moved and I was grew up in Penang. I have received my early education at the Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Nibong. Later pursued my secondary school at Sekolah Abdullah Munshi, Penang and proceed to Sekolah Menengah Dato'Bijaya Setia in Sungai Petani. Graduated from University Putra Malaysia Bachelor of Malay Language and Linguistic in 2002 and completed my Master Degree in Public Administration from University Science Malaysia in 2006.

Working Experience

Currently working at Wawasan Open University,Penang a Course Coordinator cum Lecturer and my specialisation is in Bahasa Kebangsaan A and Moral Education. The Wawasan Open University is an institution of higher education based in Malaysia that allows adult students to pursue tertiary level qualifications through Open Distance Learning (ODL). WOU is the only private, not-for profit open learning institute in Malaysia. The university is supported extensively by the Wawasan Education Foundation (WEF), a charitable body. I have been teaching at several private colleges before joining into Wawasan Open University.Teaching and learning is my number one passion in my life.


Like anyone else, my hobbies are travelling and listening to the music. I wish that one day I will travel all over the countries. I want to see more of this world and meet people of all culture.Also when I'm working and need to concentrate - music helps a lot. I also like reading some fiction book [1]which helps me to enhanced knowledge and also reading has become a good source of entertainment. It may be unbelievable for many, but most people find it more preferable to read various stories or articles rather than staying glued to the television or the Internet.

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