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My Sandbox

This is my contribution to the LC41 workshop Tourism in Lake Tegano

This is a Form Two Social Studies lesson on the topic:Tourism In The Solomon Islands

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By the end of the lesson students should be able to:

  • one : Discuss the constraints and the potentials of the tourism industry in Lake Tegano.
  • two : Describe how to address the constraints in the industry.

Students Activities

  • one : Students will be divided into groups of five.
  • two : Each group will choose a reporter,chairperson and a secretary.
  • three : Each group to discuss the topic.Discussing time is twenty minutes.
  • four : Reporting.Each reporter of the group to report back to the whole class.


  • one : Plain papers
  • two : blue tack
  • three : marking pen


  • Air fare is expensive.
  • Land transport from Tigoa airstrip to lake is expensive.
  • Supportive services to the industry is lacking.
  • Lack of cooperation between land owners and tourists operators.
  • The need to strengthen the weaving and carving industry.
  • Political interference.
  • Nepotism.


  • Enlisting of Lake Tegano under the world heritage puts the place under international

recognition.Thus,operators can have access to funding.

  • Unique plants and animal is an attraction.
  • Attractions: birds warching,world war two planes, swimming,historical sites.
  • Cruising around the lake.

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