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Occupation:primary school teacher
Languages:French, English, Hindi
Skype address:prema_9
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My Profile

Hello.I am Poornima Leckraz from Mauritius. I am primary school teacher from the beautiful island of Mauritius. It's with great zeal and enthusiasm that I am following this wokshop.

Professional Background

I joined my profession in 1995 with a two - year training from the Mauritius Institute of Education. It's almost 12 years that I have been working with pupils aged from 5 to 11. In fact my teaching experience has helped me monitor my kidss education and also reflect on how to use technology to motivate pupils to learn.


I have a B.A(Hons)Hindi with Education and an Advance Certificate of Primary Education.

My Interests


Working with kids who have learning difficulties as well as encourage them to develop their individual talents and aesthetic skills .


Swimming, gardening, reading and admire nature.



My Projects

I would like to share my personal teaching experience with the wikieducator family and encourage my other colleagues to join in. I think its high time even at primary level we shift from traditional teaching to greater tecchnology blended education. Thus, we shall be preparing the young people to form part of a cyber - world and empower them with necessary skills and knowledge to face this challenging iron age. I would like comments and suggestions from others so that I can start on my project soon.

My Sandbox

/How I spend my holidays/summer

Swimming, going to movies, and nature walk

My Reflection

I strongly believe in the open learning culture where we can share and also have access to a treasure of learning resouces. As educators, I think that we should move on with time and have the e-readiness to upgrade our qualifications to motivate learners towards upcoming educational tools to progress. By registering myself to this workshop, I find myself more resourseful and innovative in my teaching approach compared to my other colleagues who are not.

This workshop will encourage me to probe deeper in my teaching practice and use the wikieducator skill to do full justice to the teaching and learning process. I would also practise the same caring and helping attitude on my pupils that I have received from my facilitators. Without them, really, it would have been difficult for me to navigate through the wiki pages. It's just amazing for me to be able to edit my own profile whenever and however I want. This is definitely improving our skills to edit contents other wikis.

I know its a bit difficult but I would also be pleased if one day a workshop is organised and we meet for a face to face session.

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

Till now I have got positive responses from my wikineighbours. We all agree that our facilitators have immensely contributed to live this workshop. Through mails, we find each others ares of difficulty and try to help whenever possible. It's our driving force and are confident that for the next workshop we shall be better prepared. As far as possible we shall try to encourage others to join the family.

Re: Hi Prema,

You are on your way, keep adding to your user page so we can learn more about you. To use your sandbox all you need to do is click on the red link called My sandbox. It will take you to your new sandbox. You can start adding whatever you are interested in practicing. Hope this helps. Rob Kruhlak 21:21, 2 November 2009 (UTC)

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