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Contact-new.svg James Porakari
Employer:Solomon Islands College of Higher Education
Occupation:Lecturer in Science Education (Physics)
Nationality:Solomon Islander
Country:Solomon Islands
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This is my contribution to the L4C1 workshop How to harvest Beche-de-mer

My Community

My village is on an lsand called Malaita, one of the large islands in Solomon Islands. The population is around 500 to 600 villagers, mostly children of ages 2 to 8 years old. The community has a primary school which runs Early Childhood classes (pre-school and Kindy) and classes one to six. The school has a population of 200 children with 7 teachers.

One of main resources of the community is the marine resources. There is a large areas of mangroves which villagers obtained their main protein usually from mud crabs and shell shells. In the village we also have few good fishermen who also provide fish for the community.

My community consists of very hard working people. To coordinate village development, the villagers formed an Association called - Hautahe Village Development Association. This association coordination every single activity that happen in the community, like repairing of classrooms and so on.

One of the critical need of the community is knowledge of sustainable harvesting of their marine resources. The community need training and skills to manage their mangrove resources so that they do not over harvest the crabs and shells.

Who am I?

I am a science education lecturer at the school of Education, Solomon Islands College of Higher Education. My main area of expertise is in Physics. Currently I am doing my masters in Physics at the University of South Pacific (USP). My research project is on Biofuel: Analysis of coconut oil and its residues as alternative fuel to diesel for power generation in rural Solomon islands.

What am I doing?

Currently I am teaching physics and science education courses to teacher trainees of early childhood, primary and secondary programs of our college. Currently I am assisting in reviewing our current programs and science courses so that they meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders and international standards. As a science teacher educator, I am very interested in different training approaches and programs to help our future science teachers to have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to teach science in our schools.

Impact of this Technology

Technology and resources created by this technology will be very useful to my other college collegues and our students. I have just spend two hours with my students teaching them how to use the internet, searching for information and so on. My colleagues can learn how to great their own user page and share it with others throughout global community. Just now I have shown one of my colleague what I am doing and he is very interested. This technology and resources created by this technology will definitely benefit our students and colleagues.

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