How to harvest Beche-de-mer

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Technique used to fish for Beche-de-mer in deep water


In Solomon Islands, one of the marine products communities on small atoll islands and costal communities harvested to generate income for their families is beche-de-mer(edible sea cucumbers). In 2004 the government of Solomon Islands banned exporting of bech-de-mer due to over harvesting of this marine resource, but in 2007 after the April Tsunami that striked the western part of the country, the government lifted the ban so that local communities could once again harvest beche-de-mer to earn money to cope with the destruction caused by the tsunami.

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By end of this session you should be able to know:

  1. what is beche-de-mer?
  2. which beche-de-mers are harvested?
  3. how to fish for beche-de-mer in deep water
  4. importance of sustainable harvesting of beche-de-mers

What is beche-de-mer?

Beche-de-mer in defence


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The following Assignments are due in April - 2008.

Assignment 1

Assignment 2