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Project preparation which involves accessing loans from most lending agencies is the vast volume of information that is usually requested. About 80% of what is requested is often not used and are in fact useless to the project. For example in preparing for a loan to refurbish the infrastructure of three secondary Schools the requested data include;[http;/]

[Participating Programme]

  • reports fron school supervision
  • attendance record
  • policy documents
    • strategic plans
    • curriculum policy
    • school supervision
  • management structure of the ministry
  • social partners
  • materials for instruction

Moreover a consultant is usually brought in to put this information together, often times being paid from the loan. this constitutes:

  1. waste of time
  2. waste of money in some cases for postage etc.

In my opinion only relevant information should be collected.

Westmorland Proposal for Japanees grant/

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