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Proposal for Grant Assistance with the Rehabilitation Works of Westmorland School

Proposal Submission

This proposal document is submitted on behalf of the students, parents and staff of the Westmorland School.

Background The Westmorland School was established in . Today the School is a non-profit organization which is managed by parents. It is the only private school on the island to offer education at all three levels. Presently, the enrollment is --------- from the Nursery, Junior and Senior Department. The school is managed and maintained solely on the school fees obtained for instruction since there is no government assistance or cooperate sponsorship.

On September 7th 2004, Hurricane Ivan brought massive destruction to all component of the Education sector. The Westmorland School suffered sever damage to it’s infra structure, school site, furniture, equipments and its capacity to deliver basic services. Due to severe flooding the lands on which the school is situated endured huge land slides and retaining walls were destroyed. The destruction has resulted in inhibiting the school from meeting its curricula commitments in areas such as cognitive play for the Nursery students, Physical Education for all section of the school and Science experiment activities among others.

As immediate post-disaster needs are being addressed the school is in the process of rehabilitating a number of buildings and installing a number of hurricane mitigation structures in an effort to reduce our vulnerability to future disasters. The management has found this process to be very expensive and is presently unable to meet the cost of rehabilitation for the Nursery, the Administration and the Senior Departments of the school. Other costs to be met include the restoration of the school’s capacity to deliver some educational services as well as the preservation of the school site. Funding for rehabilitation works is not available for this school under any grant or loan monies received by the Government of Grenada.


As a matter urgency, the Management of the School is desirous of obtaining any financial assistance that your organization can contribute towards a project to restore Nursery Department. The financial assistance being requested is expected to cover both rehabilitation works as well as capacity restoration.

Project Desired State 1. The restoration of the nursery Department to pre-Ivan condition 2. The implementation of hurricane mitigation structures 3. The restoration of the play equipment in the Nursery Department 4. Enhancement of the Physical environment of the Nursery Department

Project Benefits

1. Early childhood education will be delivered in an environment that is both safe and stimulating 2. The Nursery Department will now be an a position to withstand the elements of future hurricanes 3. The Nursery Department will once more be able to deliver both social and cognitive play as a part of the curriculum.

Project Management The restoration project will be managed by the Building Committee of the school. This committee, in consultation with the Principal and School Supervisor, is instrument in the restoration of the school. Their function deals with procurement of goods and services as well as the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of works.