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This is my sandbox in Rich Text

um, dois, três = 1 2 3 in Portuguese. ("Vandalism" now gone.)

Better try some bullets

  1. Um
  2. dois
  3. três

OK, I want to turn off the bullets now.

  • Other bullets:
  • Include
  • This blocky stuff
  • Ok, enough

That worked and was intuitive. Not always the case with editors.

My table
Size is quite wide in thi ggg ggg
Now 1 22
cvsddvvv cdcd  dscd dac

The image is a bit big. \Below

A Chip and LED.jpg

My Caption

OK Its a bit small. I said 100 x 100  and that's what I got.

--Peter RJ Brook 22:17, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

Will the above URL be recognized as a link?

Now doing links another way This is yahoo

Chip8Page0  A better way of showing the Chip 8 page



Message pad.jpg Xessage pad.jpg Peter small.JPG

Networked learning pictures



Does |thumb|center commute? Also why do we have American spelling? [[Image:networkedlearning.jpg|center|thumb]

This is my first thumbnail

this pic hangs to the left


Other formats

Click to get pic of brochure