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This is a better place to put Chip8 stuff. How do I delete the old chip 8 page?

Some existing Chip8 Resorces

I liked "the un-assembler" called unchip.exe . [1]

Here's a screen shot of what it can do. Unchip8.png

Also making better use of chip 8 resources obtainable on the web. One is Chipper


A chip 8 assembler written by Christain Egeberg in 1991 (yes) and obtainable from the same place as the un-chip program above.

Use it like this C:> chipper pong3 where the assembler file is a text file called pong3.chp. It then assembles to a binary file called pong3 and prints a list file called pong3.lst.

Here's a snapshot: Chipper0.png