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 Just how many Arduino types are there?

Put a picture and a link for each type. Surprise gift for the person who contributes the most.


Mike Goodwin says: here is a Pinguino: RTENOTITLE

You can read more about the Pinguino here: Pinguino Information Page

You can read more about my Arduino labours here: Hatsudoki's Embedded Systems Blog

This is a MPguino: RTENOTITLE

For more information click this link: [1]

This is a Boarduino - Lee farley RTENOTITLE

Vinnie Reid - Arduino ScrewShield


for more information, click here[2]

This is a Sanguino: RTENOTITLE

Adam Randall - Read more at [3] or my blog [4]

for more information click on the link below

Jane-Maree Howard - The LilyPad Arduino

and you can learn a bit about it at

and also at my blog

Arduino Pro:

This board is designed for advanced users who want to leave a board embedded in a project: it's cheaper than a Diecimila and easily powered by a battery, but requires additional components and assembly.

You can learn more about it by clicking here!
Or my blog - Lisa Taylor



Motoruino board.jpg
Motoruino, an Arduino-compatible robot board. Glenn Tocher My Blog

Arduino Mega

This is an expanded version of the Arduino's we have been using in class. It has a larger number of I/O ports while still being compatible with Arduino's code and libraries.
Here it is on Spark Fun and my blog Perrin McKenzie RTENOTITLE

Bionic Arduino

I found a Bionic Arduino using the same Arduino Duemilanove that we use in class. Although I have yet to investigate further it may be used for bionic limbs such as hands and arms where electronic impulses allow the bionic hand to move and rotate. For further information go to my Embedded Systems blog [[5]]

Arduino Bluetooth

An Arduino board with bluetooth capabilities. This allows commands to be sent to the board using the serial monitor.

(wiki isn't letting me upload a picture. I've put one on my blog at

Daniel Lower