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Cooperation Amongst Students in the Technology Age

1) Social Cooperation amongst Students with Computers:

Social cooperation through computers or CSC (Computer Supported Collaboration) is an evolving and an increasingly more efficient learning style that is taking the education systems of the world by storm. Increasingly education systems are turning to computers to ease the burden of over stretched infrastructures and increase the efficiency and learning processes within education systems by using the virtual world as a guide and medium. Students are all able to learn and collaborate from the same page, the same information, and even the same opinions that other students are able to express to one another. The inefficiencies of in person based communication are being eliminated and improved upon by working over collaborative computer networks, where students can collaborate with one another 24 hours a day seven days a week at their discretion, and at their own pace. Students who aren’t Johnny on the double can finally share collaboratively and fully thought out answers at their own pace and speed.