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Publications (Last Five Years)
In Indexed/Peer Reviewed Journals
Year of Publication Title Journal Co-author/s


Aqua mediated synthesis of spirocyclic compounds

Mini-Rev. Organic Chemistry, 11, 73-86

Siva S. Panda, Leena Khanna and Subhash C. Jain


Synthesis of Various S-S Linked Symmetric Bisazaheterocycles: A Review

Mini-Rev. Organic Chemistry, 10, 268-280

Leena Khanna, Chandramukhi S. Panda and Siva S. Panda


Synthetic routes to symmetric bisbenzimidazoles: a review

Mini-Rev. Org. Chem., 9, 381-396

Leena Khanna and Siva S. Panda


Biginelli Reaction: A Green Perspective

Curr. Org. Chem., 16(4), 507-520

Siva S. Panda and Leena Khanna


Withania somnifera reverses Alzheimer's disease pathology by enhancing low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein in liver

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.,109(9), 3510-3515
The Telegraph

Neha Sehgal, Alok Gupta, Rupanagudi K. Valli, Shanker D. Joshi, Jessica T. Mills, Edith Hamel, Subhash C. Jain, Suman Thakur and Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath.


Withania somnifera plant extract and method of preparation thereof

PCT/IN2009/000430, Pub. No.: WO/2010/013254
Other Patents:
US Patent Granted
Australian Patent
European Patent

Vijayalaksmi Ravindranath, Alok Gupta, Neha Sehgal, Subhash C. Jain and Suman Thakur


Synthesis of novel symmetrical and unsymmetrical bis-spiro[indole-indazolyl-thiazolidine]-2,4'-diones

Arkivoc, vii, 119-125

Anjali Saxena, Leena Khanna, Sunita Bhagat and Subhash C. Jain

2008 A facile synthesis of novel unsymmetrical bis-spiro[indole-pyrazolinyl-thiazolidine]-2,4'-diones Arkivoc, xv, 54-64 Manish Jain, Rajeev Sakhuja, Sunita Bhagat and Subhash C. Jain
2006 Synthesis of some novel bis-spiro[indole-pyrazolinyl-thiazolidine]-2,4'-diones   Synthetic Communications, 36, 1863-1872 Manish Jain, Anjali Saxena, Sunita Bhagat, Carl E. Olsen
2006 One pot facile synthesis of 5-alkyl-1,2-dihydro-spiro[4H-3,1-benzoxazine-2,3'[3H]indol]-4,2'-diones under microwave irradiation Indian Journal of Chemistry, 45B, 1504-1510 Anjali Saxena, Sunita Bhagat, Archana Gupta and Subhash C. Jain


Novel fluorinated spiro [indole-indazolyl-thiazolidine]-2,4'-diones : Design and synthesis

Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon Relat Elem, 180, 1829-1839

Subhash C. Jain, Sunita Bhagat,Manish Jain and Rajeev Sakhuja
Conference  Publications
Year of Publication Title Conference Co-author/s



Synthesis of new molecules to discover drug candidates The International Symposium on Trends in Drug Discovery and Development, 

5-8 January 2010, New Delhi, India

Subhash C. Jain et al


A Clean, Benign and Aqua Mediated Synthesis of Pharamacologically Active Spiro Heterocycles

The 12th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference (June 24-26,), Washington DC 

Subhash C. Jain, Siva Panda and Sunita Bhagat

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