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Contact-new.svg Phillip Samani
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Employer:Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development
Occupation:Curriculum Development Officer
Other roles:Administrator for CDC Network
Nationality:Solomon Islander
Country:Solomon Islands.
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Still updating my page; will get there soon.

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This page was created during a CoL - L4C workshop in Solomon
Islands : 18th - 20th February 2008

This is my contribution for the L4C workshop Click here


I am Phillip Samani. I am a participant of the COL - L4C workshop here in Solomon Islands. We have started our L4C workshop on the 18th of February and will finish on the 20th February 2008.

Currently I am working as a curriculum development officer coordinating the Industrial Arts for forms 1 - 3 and Design and Technology for forms 4 and 5 for Solomon Islands secondary schools. This would be my fourth year with Curriculum Development Centre (CDC).

Phillip Samani,
Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development,
Curriculum Development Centre,
P.O.Box G27,
Solomon Islands.
Ph: (677) 30116
Fax: (677) 38761

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Under the Curriculum Reform, the CDC is now working on developing the learning resources (students learning resources) for years 4,5, 6 for primary and year 7 for secondary. All learning resources for these levels should be written locally but will be edited and publish by Pearson Education, Australia.

(Comment.gif: Hi, you've made excellent progress -- clearly you have a good grasp of the wiki syntax concept. Welcome aboard! --Wayne Mackintosh 06:44, 19 February 2008 (UTC))