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Welcome to my WikiEducator space!

Deb Montgomery
Tena koe, my name is Debra Montgomery; I'm from Wellington and live in Whangarei, New Zealand. I work at NorthTec as the Flexible Learning Designer. I'm passionate about teaching and learning in all its colours and varieties. I have facilitated learning in flexible design and development, assessment and moderation, ICT, social sciences and early childhood education. I utilise this experience in my learning design and moderation work.

I see education as political, as it moves people forward in the socio-economic battle for resources. Collaboration with collegial discussion is pivotal to teaching and learning, thus constructivism is intrinsic to my learning design.

Reflectiive interests

A reflective space
How learners engage with tasks and resources interests me, as does how we engage with each other.

Celebrating cultural diversity motivates me to integrate diversity into learning design and challenge complacency,

Creating learning opportunities that reach all sectors of our society is my challenge; integrating information literacy into all courses is a strategy.

But really... cruising out in wee, unpopulated bays like this one interests me the most. I am committed to truckin' around the far north in our house truck once a month to support my vision of a life well spent. Taking time to cruise and connect. That's why I have a tuatara tattooed on my wrist - to remind me to chill out, in that uniquely NZ way, and reach longevity with a smile.

Current task

  • OERu - OER-university project - Introduction to Management
  • ds4oer

Wiki workshops I have completed

  • OCL4Ed - learned about the different Creative Commons Licenses and how educators can effectively use them in their practice.
  • Wiki Pasifika - learned some basic wiki skills and lediting features.