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nellie munala kuya

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Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia.



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I was in beautiful Swaziland yesterday.

  • oranges
  • apples
  • bananas
  • guavas
  1. cows
  2. sheep
  3. goats

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  • To enable participants to familiarize with policy frameworks and structures that support effective youth development
  • To enable participants identify key actors/partners in promoting enabling environment for youth entrepreneurship
  • To identify and share key indicators (good practice) in policy development and practice

The session will attempt to discuss in general the concept of youth policy development and other complimentary policy operational materials. The discussions will lead to identifying opportunities and challenges in youth policy development and practice. The discussions will facilitate development of a ‘rough guide’ on policy development in youth entrepreneurship. Through experiential knowledge participants will contribute towards identifying other policy and structural frameworks and key actors that can assist in establishing/strengthening policy and structural frameworks depending on the environment. Roles that key actors can play in promoting an enabling environment for youth entrepreneurship and youth development in general. The session will lead to creation of an e-peer group for on-going support on good practices in creating enabling environment for youth entrepreneurship.

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  • How can policy and structural frameworks promote youth entrepreneurship?
  • How can we ensure that existing policies and structural frameworks indeed support youth entrepreneurship? Are there other key support strategies we can utilise to strengthen youth entrepreneurship in our communities?

Creating an enabling environment for youth entrepreneurship is essential for effective youth and national development. Inclusive policy frameworks and functional youth development structures are necessary tools to support the dynamism of youth entrepreneurship. In the absence of the above tools it is important that frameworks are developed to facilitate youth entrepreneurship while strategies on establishing and developing policy and structural frameworks are in place. Governments, young people and cooperating partners therefore have different roles to play in efforts towards developing or strengthening policy and structural frameworks for effective youth entrepreneurship.

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develop a good practice guide on key policy elements and structural frameworks to support youth entrepreneurship