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My profile

Born in a family with value dignity, understanding, respect and self discipline is me, Neville Misigo, the first born in a family of three-two brothers and myself- hailing from somewhere in Africa.

on assignment

Educational background

I attended primary education at Kaimosi missionary school, secondary education at Musingu High school, tertiary education at The University Of Nairobi.

Languages spoken

Am articulate in fluent English, Swahili both oral and written. Orally articulate in Spanish,Amharic and Japanese language.

Professional value

Am an environmental journalist, media trainer majoring in electronic and print journalism. Currently I work for the Ethiopian Journalists Association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am working in regard to the environment, climate change and agricultural reporting. Moreover, I posses a strong dedication and ability of producing documentaries that relate to human interest angels, stories that change lives are the kind of stories that my heart and profession pursue

Stages in news story production
creativity is essential
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Investigating Researching Reporting
Looking for cause Verifying, proofing Giving facts
Sources of infor neutrality dissemination

Social life

On the social life, I love sports, below are listed genres:

  1. Shotokhan karate ( black belt 3rd Dan)
  2. Jujitsu(2nd brown belt)
  3. Aikido (1st black belt)
  4. Chorinji( 3rd brown belt).

I also love traveling and exploring the world.As usual, am young and energetic thus i love partying and making lots of friends, all these i do them with intense and out-most discipline.

lesson learnt from the unit on imark

Having studied the unit on subscriptions, feeds and syndications, I have gained knowledge and revision to the insightful knowledge on using syndicates and feeds to acquire dynamic sources of news, contents and updates from many sites in one place. This has displayed effectiveness in reducing the search for different sites and visiting different sites all over again to find worthy materials and updates. Nonetheless, I have been enhanced with knowledge on how to exchange information, news articles and other contents related with my profession to other relevant meaningful websites and forums. Organizing my subscriptions, keeping them up-to-date as well as increasing channels to my number of information sources has been made easier with the aid of this session. In general, this one week of training has not only given me schools of applicable knowledge but also insights on how to practice this valuable knowledge. Thanks to ILRI and CTA, Web 2.0 training has been the best thing that ever happened to me this year.


contact me on:

Ethiopian Environment Journalists Association P.O.BOX. 17684, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Tel:+251 921 926 453 Email;

misigo my facebook page