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This is bold text this is italics text

This is the difficult bold way.

This is difficult italics.

This is all about syntax and headings

Level 1

fakaalofa faakalofa fakaalofa fakalaofa fakaalofa

Level 2

Bula bula bula bula bula bula

Level 3

kiora kiora kiora kiora kiora

Bullet point and astrix:

  • Niue
  • Samoa
    • Sub bullet
    • sub bullet
    • sub bullet
      • bullet
      • bullet
  • Cooks


  1. one
    • bullet
    • bullet
    • bullet
  2. two
  3. three
  4. four

Establishing links. [] [ COL]

Making Internal Links:

FLOSS4Edu - correctly entered. Blue colour

FLOSS4EDU - Red Colour-incorrectly typed. Maybe caused by incorrect case or incorrect address or link. Double check and hit save page.

Pipe Internal link.

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