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  1. Name: Francis Ngare Nderitu
  2. Instituition: Ministry of Agriculture
  3. Address: P.O. Box 30028 00100, Nairobi.
  4. Title: Senior Agriculture Officer


1. Personal Particulars

  • Name: Francis Ngare Nderitu
  • Sex: Male
  • Date of Birth: 15/03/1963

Nationality: Kenyan Marital Status: Married Religion: Christian Languages: English. Kiswahili. Kikuyu Passport No: A1114671

2. Contacts

  • Postal Address: P.O. Box 708 - 20300, Nyahururu, Kenya.
  • Telephone No: +254 020 21504/8/9
  • Mobile phone No: +254735848115
  • E-Mail address:

3. Academic Background

2003 January – 2005 July

  • MSc. Degree in Computer Based Information Systems (CBIS). The Degree was awarded by University of Sunderland, United Kingdom. My research project involved: - 1. Analysing Nyahururu-water-company billing system. 2. Developing a computer based billing management system based on Access database and application based on Java programming language.

1990 October – December 1995

  • BSc Certificate in Agricultural Engineering. I passed with second Class Honours (Upper Division); The Degree was awarded in JKUAT, Kenya. My research project involved developing a performance measuring system for a farm-tractor. The system determined tractor wheel-slip by aid of a computer program and necessary sensors.

1982 July – 1985 March

  • Ordinary Diploma in Agricultural Engineering. I passed with Credit. The Diploma was awarded in JKUAT, Kenya.

4. Short Courses / Workshops (Recently Attended)

19th - 23rd February 2007

  • Course: Leadership Development and Change Management.

Award: Certificate of Participation. Trainer: Kenya School of Professional Studies (KSPS). Sponsor: Government of Kenya.

23rd – 31st October 2006

  • Course: Training of Trainers Course in Early Warning Systems on Food Security.

Sponsor: COMESA. Venue: KEPHIS, Kenya.

4th – 6th December 2006

  • Subject: The Master Plan Study for Kenya Industrial Development Workshop (MAPSKID).

Award: Certificate of Participation. Sponsor: JICA in collaboration with Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI), Kenya.

25th-29th September 2006

  • Subject: International Agriculture Information System (AGRIS) Network Planning and Technical Workshop. Award: Certificate of Participation.

Sponsor: FAO, KARI and RAiN. Venue: ICIPE, Kenya

5. Professional Background

=2005 to date

  • Organisation: Ministry of Agriculture (Head Office). Department: Agribusiness, Market Development and Agriculture Information Department (AMDI).

Duties: Coordinating Agricultural Information Management (Collection, Processing, Storage, Packaging and Dissemination) and assisting other units to develop Computer Based Information Management Systems for their work.

1996 - 2003

  • Organisation: Ministry of Agriculture.

Section: District Agriculture Mechanization Extension Officer Thika District, Kenya. Duties: To promote mechanised agriculture to enhance efficiency in agricultural production.

1995 - 1996

  • Organisation: Ministry of Agriculture.

Section: District Drainage Engineer Nyandarua District, Kenya. Duties: Reclamation of agriculture land through design and implementation of drainage structures.

1988 - 1990

  • Organisation: Ministry of Agriculture.

Section: Extension Officer in agricultural rural structures (e.g. crop storage, water harvesting, etc) Nyandarua District, Kenya. Duties: Teaching Farmers on how to construct and manage agricultural structures.

1985 - 1988

  • Organisation: Ministry of Agriculture.

Section: Field supervisor in Agricultural Machinery Services (AMS).

6. Additional ICT Skills and Experiences

  • I can comfortably work with MS word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access. Also I have substantial knowledge of Oracle database, object oriented programming and networking. Finally I have valuable skills in systems analysis and design.

7. Special Duties/Assignments

  • Currently I am working in a Task Force charged with developing a Kenya Agriculture Sector Communication Strategy. The Agricultural Sector constitutes at least 5 Ministries (Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Development, Co-operatives, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Water), plus other public and private institutions.
  • The Task Force is expected to come up with policy guidelines and identify necessary structures to be set up to ensure users of agriculture information can access quality information from agriculture sector prayers when required.

8. My Interests

  • After realising that lack of access to information is a major missing links to development of the third world, I want to be instrumental in ensuring that this essential link is in place for national, regional and possibly international development. I will utilise any opportunity to ensure this.

9. Referees

  • Elizabeth W. Kimenyi

Deputy Director of Agriculture P.O. Box 30028 - 0100 Nairobi, KENYA. Tel. +254733944517

  • Eng. Bernard M. Maina

Ministry of Water P.O. Box 49720 - 0100 Nairobi, KENYA. Tel. +254722397440

  • Francis K. Wambugu

Deputy Director of Agriculture P.O. Box 30028 - 0100 Nairobi, KENYA. Tel. +254722243017

  1. Software Engineering

*Lesson 1: Systm Analysis *Lesson 2: Application

#Dairy Cattle Management

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By the end of this lesson you should be able to:
  • Define software

Ministry of Agriculture: OER Experience by Francis N. Nderitu